How much i learned graphic design in 10 days?

Visual Language:

How to design a word visually reflecting its meaning… For example, get fire fumes in FIRE, melting ice format in MELT, 3 Dimensional design for 3D,  turn the letters LOUD into sound waves in front of  volume symbol to symbolize the word LOUD, and ofcourse use all known apparatus or symbols you remember in physics to get the feel of word PHYSICS.

A Good Design: One that have good quality, and also communicates well.

Elements of Design:

Space, Point, Line, Dynamics,Shape,Form and Space, Tone, Shadow, Texture, colour .

  • Screens do have pixels in squares, whereas in print pixels are in circular shape.
  • Top most left point is the starting point for any screen.
  • Tone is mixture of tint and shade. (Tint:adding a white colour to a single colour. Shade: adding black to a colour.)
  • Shadows are of two types: drop and cast. Drop shadow is a 2D shadow. 0 to +/-180. Cast shadow is 3D shadow. (there is no automatic tool to plot cast shadow, it should be manually done according the lightning conditions by designer.)
  • Texture can be of tactile(touch) or visual.

Colour Modes:

  • RGB: Red Green Blue (colours seen on screen)
  • CMYK: Cyan Magneta Yellow Black ( colours seen on print)

Classification of colours: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary

classification of colours

Colour Schemes:

Achromatic: 0% to 100% of black colour


Mono Chromatic: Tints of a Colour


Polychromatic: More than single colour


Analogous: Colours adjacent to a colour


Complimentary: Opposite colours


Warm and Cool:

warm n cool

Triad, Square:

Triad                         Square


By holding Ctrl+Shift+Alt and then opening the Adobe Photoshop alters the preferences to default settings.

Work Area is divided into Sections.

Title Bar

Application Bar

MenuFile Edit Image Layer Select Filter Analysis 3D View Window Help ApplicationsBridge Plug-ins Work spaceEssentials Design Painting >>

Options Bar

(options available for each tool that is under selection)

Tools Bar

Selection tools
Retouching and Edit tools
Path, Vector, Shape, Tools
3D Tools
F/B colour and Mask
Panels(A variety of panels exist in Window menu according to work space that is under selection)



  • Shift +Tool Shortcut / Alt + Click on tool >>>> Toggles between tools
  • Ctrl + >>>> Zoom in
  • Ctrl – >>>> Zoom out
  • Z >>>> Selected (Hand) Zoom
  • SPACEBAR + Left Click >>>> Navigate Across
  • Ctrl+Alt+0 (zero)>>>> Actual Size
  • Ctrl+0 >>>> Fit Screen
  • F >>>> Toggles  between Standard/Full screen with menu/ Full screen Without Menu
  • Tab >>>> Enables/disables Tools and Panels
  • Shift+Tab >>>> Enables Panels
  • Tab+Shift+Tab >>>> Enables Tools
  • Ctrl +C >>>> to copy; Ctrl+V>>>> to Paste; Ctrl+J to copy and paste in a new layer
  • Shift+Ctrl+N >>>>create a New layer

Selection Tool:

  • Hold SPACEBAR to move a selection before ending the selection
  • Hold Shift + Ctrl to constrain X and Y Axes of a selection
  • Hold Shift + Alt to start selection from Center
  • Alt+ BACKSPACE >>>> Fills Foreground colour
  • Ctrl +BACKSPACE >>>> Fills Background colour
  • Shift+F5 >>>> Fill a colour / Go to Edit> Fill
  • Hold Shift to add selections
  • Hold Alt to subtract selections
  • Hold Shift+Alt to Intersect selections
  • Ctrl+D >>>> to Deselect
  • Ctrl+shift+i >>>> inverse selection
  • [/]>>>> decreases/increases the size of brush in quick selection
  • Ctrl +T >>>> Free transform
  • Hold Shift+Alt to scale the transform
  • Ctrl+Alt+G >>>> Clipping Mask
       web design:
  • Ctrl +R >>>> show/hide Rules
  • Ctrl + ; >>>> show/hide Guides
  • Alt+transform >>>> transforms parallel sides equally
  • Ctrl+G >>>> Group layers
  • Shift+Ctrl+G >>>> Ungroup Layers
  • Alt + down arrow >>>> copy a layer
  • Shift+ Up /Down Arrow >>>> 5 Pixel movement for a selection

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