Master Piece

 Bahusaa Vo chanchalaa … Egire ra anchelaa
          Tagile Le manchula…  choopulo choopugaa
ayina kaavachule.. okatai povachulee
            ilapai akasame.. ikapai vaalachule
      ye dooramayina cheruvai…
 Kanupaapallo nidurinchi ..  kaladaatindhi tolipremaa
         Toli choopullo chigurinchi.. manasimmandhi mana premaa
Kalagannanu… kavinainaanu.. ninu choosi
         ninu choosaake nijamayinaanu terateesi…
Bahusaa ye aamani… pilichindhaa rammani
         Okatai the kammani.. pallave paataga..
 kalalai rege anuraagam.. adingindhemo odichaatu
           epudoo edho anubandham.. telisindhemo okamaatu
Madhumaasaale manakosaalai ..ituraani
         Mana praanale shatahmaanalai .. jathakaani
Toliga choosanule.. cheliga maaranule..
            kalale kannanule.. kalise unnanule..
Na neevulone Nenugaaaa…. 



Chrome Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts (courtesy: Google Chrome)


Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of keyboard strokes and clicks that you can use to perform specific actions. Knowing some of the shortcuts listed below can help save you time.

You can also press Ctrl+Alt+? whenever you’re signed in on your Chrome device to see a map of these shortcuts directly on the screen.

  Tabs and windows | Page shortcuts | Browser settings | Text editing 

Tabs and windows

Ctrl+N Open a new window
Ctrl+Shift+N Open a new window in incognito mode
Ctrl+T Open a new tab
Ctrl+O Open a file in the browser
Ctrl+Shift+Q Sign out of your Google Account on Chrome OS
Ctrl+W Close the current tab
Ctrl+Shift+W Close the current window
Ctrl+Shift+T Reopen the last tab you’ve closed. Google Chrome remembers the last 10 tabs you’ve closed.
Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+8 Go to the tab at the specified position in the window
Ctrl+9 Go to the last tab in the window
Alt+1 through Alt+8 Go to the window at the specified position
Alt+9 Go to the last window open
Ctrl+Tab Go to the next tab in the window
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Go to the previous tab in the window
Alt+Tab Go to the next window you have open
Alt+Shift+Tab Go to the previous window you have open
Click and hold the Back or Forward arrow in the browser toolbar See your browsing history for the tab
Backspace, or press Alt and the left arrow Go to previous page in your browsing history.
Shift+Backspace, or press Alt and the right arrow Go to the next page in your browsing history.
Press Ctrl and click a link Open the link in a new tab in the background
Press Ctrl+Shift and click a link Open the link in a new tab and switch to the newly opened tab
Press Shift and click a link Open the link in a new window
Drag a link to a tab Open the link in the tab
Drag a link to a blank area on the tab strip Open the link in a new tab
Type a URL in the address bar, then pressAlt+Enter Open the URL in a new tab
Press Esc while dragging a tab Return the tab to its original position
Ctrl+Shift+L Locks your screen

Page shortcuts

Press Alt and up arrow Page up
Press Alt and down arrow Page down
Space bar Scroll down the web page
Press Ctrl+Alt and up arrow Home
Press Ctrl+Alt and down arrow End
Ctrl+P Print your current page
Ctrl+S Save your current page
Ctrl+R Reload your current page
Ctrl+Shift+R Reload your current page without using cached content
Ctrl and + Zoom in on the page
Ctrl and  Zoom out on the page
Ctrl+0 Reset zoom level
Esc Stop the loading of your current page
Press Alt and click a link Open the link in a new tab in the background
Ctrl+D Save your current webpage as a bookmark
Ctrl+Shift+D Save all open pages in your current window as bookmarks in a new folder
Drag a link to bookmarks bar Save the link as a bookmark
Ctrl+F Open the find bar to search your current page
Ctrl+G or Enter Go to the next match for your input in the find bar
Ctrl+Shift+G orShift+Enter Go to the previous match for your input in the find bar
Ctrl+K or Ctrl+E Perform a search. Type a search term after the question mark in the address bar and press Enter.
Ctrl+Enter Add www. and .com to your input in the address bar and open the resulting URL
Ctrlwindow switcher key Take a screenshot of your current page
CtrlShiftwindow switcher key Take a partial screenshot
Ctrl+U View page source
Ctrl+Shift+I Toggle the display of the Developer Tools panel
Ctrl+Shift+J Toggle the display of the DOM Inspector

Browser settings

Ctrl+Shift+B Toggle the display of the bookmarks bar. Bookmarks appear on the New Tab page if the bar is hidden.
Alt+Shift+M Open the Files app
Ctrl+. Display hidden files in the Files app
Ctrl+H Open the History page
Ctrl+J Open the Downloads page
Shift+Esc Open the Task Manager
Ctrl+Alt+/ Open the list of available keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl+? Go to the Help Center
Ctrl+maximize key Configure monitor display
Shift+Alt+S Opens the status area in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
Shift+Alt+L Place focus on the launcher

  • Press Tab or the right arrow to focus on the next item in the toolbar
  • Press Shift+Tab or the left arrow to focus on the previous item in the toolbar
  • Press Space or Enter to activate buttons, including page actions and browser actions
  • Press Shift + increase volume key to open the context menu for the button (if available).
  • Press Esc to return focus to the page
Ctrl + back button orCtrl + forward button Pressing Ctrl and either the back or forward keys switches focus to the next keyboard-accessible pane. Panes include:

  • Status area containing the time, network icon, and battery icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen
  • Launcher
  • Address bar
  • Bookmarks bar (if visible)
  • The main web content (including any infobars)
  • Downloads bar (if visible)
Alt+Shift+B Place focus on the bookmarks bar. Use the actions listed for Shift+Alt+T to move the focus.
Alt+E or Alt+F Open the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar
Shift+Search+Volume Up Open right-click menus for focused items.
Ctrl+Alt+Z Enable or disable accessibility features if you’re not signed in with a Google Account. If you’re signed in, you can configure the accessibility feature on the Settings page.

Text editing

Ctrl+A Select everything on the page
Ctrl+L or Alt+D Select the content in the address bar
Press Ctrl+Shift and right arrow Select next word or letter
Press Ctrl+Shift and left arrow Select previous word or letter
Press Ctrl and right arrow Move to the end of the next word
Press Ctrl and left arrow Move to the start of the previous word
Press Alt and up arrow Page up
Press Alt and down arrow Page down
Press Ctrl+Alt and up arrow Home
Press Ctrl+Alt and down arrow End
Ctrl+C Copy selected content to the clipboard
Ctrl+V Paste content from the clipboard
Ctrl+Shift+V Paste content from the clipboard as plain text
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+Backspace Delete the previous word
Alt+Backspace Delete the next letter (forward delete)
Ctrl+Z Undo your last action


Climate and Weather

The difference between weather and climate is a measure of time. Weather is what conditions of the atmosphere are over a short period of time, and climate is how the atmosphere “behaves” over relatively long periods of time.

A day’s weather is made up of building blocks, including clouds, precipitation and wind. The type and intensity of weather is controlled by changes in air pressure.

Air pressure is caused by the weight of the air molecules above. Even tiny air molecules have some weight, and the huge numbers of air molecules that make up the layers of our atmosphere collectively have a great deal of weight, which presses down on whatever is below. This pressure causes air molecules at the Earth’s surface to be more tightly packed together than those that are high in the atmosphere.

Pressure Changes Cause Weather Changes
High pressure causes air to flow down slowly and fan out, moving with clockwise rotation at the ground in the Northern Hemisphere and counterclockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. High pressure days generally have clear skies because sinking air prevents clouds from forming.

Low pressure causes air to flow up slowly. As air rises, it cools and water vapor within the air is unable to remain a gas. It forms tiny water droplets, making clouds in the sky. Remember to bring an umbrella with you on low pressure days because those clouds might cause precipitation.